The following testimonials are just a sample of the response we get from satisfied customers;

I utterly destroyed my back… I've done some physical therapy here and there, but what I really wished for was a magical pixie dust that would enable a brief massage to clear up my entire problem. Enter Green Frog. What?! I never dreamed I'd get to live life without constant back pain. Thank you!!! HAITIMOM

We keep Green Frog on hand. It is a wonderful pain reliever for my shoulders. Nothing worked, not even narcotics. CURT, GA

Hi I have had chronic back pain for more than 20 years and have tried and done everything. On Christmas my grandson handed me the jar of Green Frog and asked me to try it. It was a Christmas miracle!! Nothing has relieved my pain like this product. DANIELLE, CA I love your product! Thank you so much. This is the only cream I've tried in the past 2.5 years that works to ease the pain of arthritis in my knees and low back pain. Debbie, CA

I was a heavy weight trainer for 25 years. My cartilage is gone in my shoulders. I am in constant pain with very limited range of motion. My doc advises me to wait until I am 65 (I'm 60) to have replacements as they only last 10 or so years. I will not take narcotics so managing the pain has been mostly a losing battle. I take shots in the shoulders periodically which I really don't want to do but I have no choice other than narcotics.
My wife ordered some Green Frog on a whim that maybe it would help (I have tried every OTC there is-w/o pain relief) I was very reluctant, another ointment, oh well!
I have used it and I am at a loss for words. Green Frog relieves the pain totally and gives me some more range of motion.
I use it before bed and don't have to use another rubbing for about 6-10 days. I am stunned! How does it do this? CURTIS V.

I am 60. I broke my hip at 7. My Dr. Told me when I get older I will have problems with it. Well, I’ve studied 5 Different Martial Arts. Lot of MOVEMENT. LOTS OF KICKS. NOW AT 60 it’s been a real challenge just to get out of bed. But a friend gave me some of your balm. I use it everyday. Or I would be in very had pain. Today I put some n a toe that’s been very pain full just to wear socks. I’m AMAZED THAT THE PAIN IS NOT THERE. I. IM SO FREAKING HAPPY ABOUT YOUR PRODUCT. PLEASE KEEP DOING WHAT YOUR DOING. LOVE SID 

About three months ago I was researching numerous cannabis based alternatives for pain relief as my mother had severe cancer and was left with severe nerve damage that she until recently has only been able to mask the pain with 10 maximum strength Vicodin, Methadone, whilst also having to take Ritalin and Xanax to balance out the side effects of the first two. Then I stumbled onto your product. After initially reading your reviews I was sold; I truly believed I found the exact item I was looking for, and I had. I have only purchased 2 of your 4 ounce containers but have ended up gifting a little here and there to almost everyone I know. I cannot tell you how much you have helped so many individuals. Your product should be the game changer we need in this industry. If I could I would market the shit out of your product and get it into every store that I could find I would in a heartbeat, your product is that amazing! I have never believed in something as whole heartedly as I do about your product. If you ever want someone to do your marketing, I would absolutely love the chance. Your product has literally changed my life and numerous others. I could never imagine living without it! If you would be interested in letting me market your product. I have family everywhere across the country and am willing to travel at no expense to you. I honestly just want everyone in this world to be able to experience the amount pain relief that myself and every individual I have given samples to has had. Thank you so much for your fantastic product,  it truly is a life saver!

Sincerely, Jourdain A. Morton

Hi Al and Alicia. Yes you can use my testimony for your product. I am really excited about the fact that it has worked on my index toe. I have big feet. Size16. Hard to find off the shelf In shoes stores. I have this callus that has been very painful. Two days ago I applied Green Frog on my toe. The pain is 95% GONE!!! I‘m so stoked. l have been studying Martial Arts for 40 Years. Thought I would have to stop. But thanks too Green Frog. I can continue my training. At least till I get medical care. Thank you so much for Your efforts to create an AWESOME PRODUCT. I have been paying much attention to the Herbal and CBD RESEARCH. IF YOUR PRODUCT CAN DO WHAT IT’S BEEN DOING. THERE IS SO MUCH MORE POTENTIAL. THANK YOU AGAIN. SID

I have tried buying other balms and nothing compares to your product. My daughter has pain and a disease in her nervous system and she can’t move at times. We started buying your balm years ago I believe when you guys maybe started. She said out of all the ones I’ve bought this one is the only one that helps. I just want to say thank you so much. My daughter can at least try to be a normal teenager with not having to deal or even think about her pain. Thank you again.

Guadalupe Martinez-Burris

In response to your email, we would be honored if you used our story!!  The day I sent you the message about my daughter, my grandpa, who doesn‘t believe in these products, had fallen to the point where he couldn‘t get up.  My grandma who has night blindness had to drive home at night. They get him home and my daughter suggests that he try her balm that we got her and he said he was in so much pain he might as well but let us know he still didn‘t believe it would work.  The next day they came to my house and he was well as If he had never fallen. He said to me he is now a believer. The balm took his pain and he was So thankful!! Thank you so much to you and your husband. We have been customers since you 2 started and we love and appreciate your product thank you!

Guadalupe Martinez Burris.